PDA is successfully CSIA certified again!
Process and Data Automation is proud to announce that we’ve received our third CSIA certification, a special distinction, following an intensive independent audit that assessed our performance against customer-centric criteria in a wide range of business, project management, and system development areas.

CSIA is a worldwide organization who helps members improve their skills and promotes best practices for business management. The Control System Integrators Association’s Mission is “to advance the business practices of control system integration.” Founded in 1994, CSIA is a nonprofit, global professional as­sociation with more than 400 member firms in 27 countries.

Joe Snyder, PDA President happily stated, “This result is a testament to the commitment we have to working in the challenging field that we do and, despite all of those challenges, manage to make happy clients, happy staff, and a successful business existence!”

What Does a CSIA certification mean to you, the customer?

PDA Adheres to Best Practices and Benchmarks

As a CSIA CERTIFIED member PDA adheres to best practices in all aspects of business. This means we have in place the processes and procedures that foster honest contracts and fair risk allocation, proper billing, project management, and customer service that is measured.

PDA Has Resources

As a CSIA CERTIFIED member PDA has demonstrated a volume of business with engineering content that assures the availability of ad­equate resources to take on the demands of your automation projects.

PDA Has Experience

As a CSIA CERTIFIED member PDA has a number of years of project experience to qual­ify as members, assuring that your project isn’t some novice’s training ground.

PDA Has Dedicated Technologists

As a CSIA CERTIFIED member PDA meets the challenges of rapidly changing technology with proven technical management processes. This means you get the best, most current, technical expertise available.

PDA Has Successful Business Ownership

As a CSIA CERTIFIED member PDA has shown a record of profit­able business operation, protecting you from integrators who may not be around to finish or support your project. We also have in place adequate liability insurance and proper business practices for activities such as HR, accounting, and general management.

PDA Is Learning Oriented

Through our own internal, audited, quality improvement programs, PDA has demonstrated a commitment to advancing our businesses with better processes and new techniques, particularly in the areas of project management and business management.

PDA is Stable

With HR practices geared toward retaining top talent and business prac­tices dedicated to assuring long-term survival, PDA provides you with the consistency and stability you need for a project.

Process and Data Automation has established many long-term relationships over the years with clients in multiple industries that require and rely on automation and data systems to aid in the success of their businesses. Having the CSIA Certification solidifies the already existing and practiced procedures for project success. New clients can rest as­sured that their projects are being executed by a strong, stable organiza­tion with an independently verified track record for success.

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How Processors Can Guard Against Cyberattacks

In a recent interview for Food Engineering Magazine, Process and Data’s Director of Data Services, Scott McCausland, shared his cybersecurity expertise.

“Industrial control systems should be isolated on their own networks—independent of any extraneous business network,” says Scott McCausland, director of data services at Process and Data Automation – Data Services Group, a CSIA Certified Member. There should be strict firewall rules allowing specific traffic to and from each network. This forces only the appropriate applications to have access via very specific means to data that could flow between them. It is imperative that each zone has specific conduits for data flow. This is one level of security that can

For more information on how a cybersecurity attack at a processing plant can lead to production disruptions, theft of intellectual property or even a safety failure, click to read the full article HERE.




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Open Lab Exemplified
Engineering firm leverages partnership with Behrend

Any successful business owner knows the value of a reliable supply chain. That’s true not only for materials but also for human resources. A pipeline of talent is as important to the bottom line as efficient shipping of raw materials or the right channel for cost-effective parts.

Joe Snyder ’97, president of Process and Data Automation, an Erie-based engineering and data-services firm, credits a partnership with Penn State Behrend and access to students and faculty members as a contributing factor in his company’s success.

“We have built our engineering core largely with graduates of Behrend’s electrical engineering and electrical and computer engineering technology programs,” Snyder said. “As we have expanded, so too has this relationship, with the addition and growth of our intern program and sponsored senior design projects.”

Annually, PDA employs a half-dozen interns, including ECET, EE, computer science and management information systems majors, and the company sponsors two to five capstone projects with the School of Engineering.

“We have very little luck recruiting the engineers we need from outside the Erie area,” Snyder said, “so we make them. We hire students to work in our design group and teach them how to apply the things they are learning into the systems we engineer here.”

PDA has no problem retaining its workforce.

“We have a very low turnover,” he said. “All but two of the first dozen employees we hired when we started the business in 2002 are still here.” Most of them are Behrend graduates.

Snyder himself graduated from Behrend with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, as did his former partner, Mike Benedict ‘99, vice president of PDA. The two started PDA when they were laid off from their prior positions following 9/11. The company, which provides full-service industrial control systems for the food and beverage, metals, pet food, and wastewater industries, grew quickly and steadily.

In 2015, Snyder and Benedict relocated the business to Knowledge Park’s Merwin Building, where they occupy an 8,500-square-foot suite with office space, technical labs, and a high-bay training center.

PDA’s relationship with Behrend exemplifies the college’s “open-lab” model of learning and discovery, in which business leaders, faculty members, and students engage in research and development as teams.

Chuck Capper, an Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology senior, is one of a trio of students working on building a batch processing unit that will allow engineers at PDA to test their work in advance.

“It’s a $60,000 project that will serve as a training tool,” Capper said.

“We are always working with our clients’ machines and materials and they don’t want to shut a line down so we can test our processes,” Snyder said. “We decided to build a general batch processing unit that will allow us to do testing and training here. We can also bring clients here to train them.”

Snyder said the unit that Capper and his teammates are building will enable the company to “demo the daylights” out of the beer brewing software owned by their parent company, Krones. PDA was acquired by Krones, a German manufacturer of integrated packaging and bottling line systems, in March 2017.

The company expects to remain in Knowledge Park, close to the deep talent pool at Behrend.

“We’ve begun engaging other engineering disciplines in our projects, which allows us to create multi-disciplinary projects that more closely match the majority of real-world work examples that new engineers will encounter,” Snyder said.

While jobs are not a given to those who do internships or projects for PDA, Snyder said they are often offered.

“The nice thing,” he said, “is that, upon graduation, those students are able to hit the ground running.”

*REPOST FROM PENN STATE BEHREND’S SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING NEWS (https://behrend.psu.edu/news-events/school-publications/school-engineering-publications/engineering-news-2018/open-lab-exemplified)

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Belden Training Coming this May

Process and Data Automation and Grant Industrial invite you to 2 days of training!

Day 1 focuses on NETWORKING. The training offers the basics of Ethernet, Redundancy Options and the Advantages of Using Network Management tools.

Day 2  focuses on CYBERSECURITY. In the training, you will learn to identify cyber risk within your Industrial Control System and how to secure, protect and manage against cyber incidents.

You can come to ONE or BOTH days of training!

Dates & Times:  May 15th & 16th   | 9:00am-4:00pm

*Lunch will be provided each day.

Cost:  FREE

Location:  5240 Knowledge Parkway Erie, PA 16510

RSVP: Cheryll Snyder (Process and Data Automation):

csnyder@processanddata.com |814-866-9600 EXT. 248

*Denote which day or days you will attend when you email her.


What to expect in DAY 1 Networking Training:

Introduction to Ethernet

  • OSI Model
  • Where things fit

Layer 2

  • Traffic & Addressing
  • How Switches Work
  • Managed vs Unmanaged

Layer 3

  • Traffic & Addressing
  • How Routers work


  • Standardized vs Proprietary
  • New 0ms Standards

Network Management

  • Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Configuration
  • Documentation
  • Live Demo

What to expect in DAY 2 Cyber Security Training:

Corporate and Industry Drivers
• Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
• Industrial Cyber Security Statistics and Incidents
• Cyber Security Perspectives and Evolution
• Cyber Security Standards
• Defining Risk and Risk Assessments
• Defense in Depth
• Zones and Conduits
• Securing Infrastructure & Endpoints

Change Detection and Compliance Auditing
• Demonstration of Belden & Tripwire tools and Utilities
• Network Management, Monitoring & Configuration
• Protection of Controllers in their native environment
• Tripwire Enterprise
• Tripwire Log Center

Training brought to you in partnership with:


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SCADA Lab Expansion

Process and Data Automation continues to expand the SCADA Lab at our Erie facility on PSU’s Knowledge Park at Behrend campus.  The expanded SCADA lab, shown here, allows us to simultaneously run 20+ virtual environments showcasing a wide variety of industrial software solutions as well as related VM management, networking management, and connected database products.  Microsoft, Rockwell Automation, Inductive Automation, Wonderware, GE Intelligent Solutions, and more continue to run daily in this lab….all fully connected to many process simulation systems and controllers in our Industrial lab.  The expansion fuels additional support for all of these plus our ever-expanding repertoire of MES solutions, primarily centered around Krones’ SitePilot modules.

Give us a call or drop a note to set up a tour!  We’re happy to share how we leverage this environment to make our team better, how to enable clients to learn and gain comfort with solutions, and how to reduce onsite time and risk when it comes to deployment of solutions.  sales@processanddata.com


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Rockwell Automation Awards Process and Data Automation’s Digitalization Group

Process and Data Automation’s Digitalization Group (DSG) has achieved the status of Recognized Systems Integrator in the Information Discipline for Rockwell Automation.

Inclusion in this select group of systems integrators comes with the completion of factory training, demonstrated competency on FactoryTalk Information software products, and successful ratings on customer satisfaction audits on projects comprised primarily of FactoryTalk Information software products.

“Rockwell’s portfolio of FactoryTalk Information products fits well with the mission of our Data Services Group: to effectively marry business side data with factory floor information,” says Joseph Snyder, President of Process and Data Automation. “The extents of products they offer fit a wide variety of applications and provide excellent quality for our clients” Snyder continues.

“We have worked extensively with the FactoryTalk (FT) Trans-action Manager, Historian, and PlantMetrics products for a long time,” says Jim Barish, Process and Data Automation’s Vice President of Client Relations. “Being recognized as only the 28th Information Systems Integrator in the US is truly an honor and a testament to the quality of the solutions our companies can deliver in combined efforts”.

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Process And Data Automation Has Been Purchased By KRONES, INC.

Dear Valued Customers,

We are pleased to announce the sale of Process and Data Automation, Inc to Krones, Inc. As
of February 14, 2017, Process and Data Automation, will officially conduct business as Process
and Data Automation, LLC, a Member of the Krones Group. Our headquarters will remain in
Erie at our existing location with a satellite office in Jamestown, NY. All contact information will
remain the same.

Krones is a leading manufacturer of filling and packaging technology and Process and Data
Automation’s expertise will enhance its controls and integrated data handling capabilities in the
North American marketplace.

Joe Snyder and Mike Benedict will continue in their respective roles as President and Vice
President and will remain actively engaged in the management and operations of the business.
Joe and Mike will continue to grow our experienced and dedicated staff of Engineers, Data
Service Specialists, Technicians, and Interns.

We are committed to continuing the personal working relationship we have with you and provide
your company with the same exceptional service. Whether or not your business falls within the
core Krones marketspace your existing working relationship with Process and Data Automation
will remain intact. The change brings with it greater access for you as the client to an even
greater pool of expertise with no changes to your existing arrangements with us. The strength
of our existing client base along with the diversity of industries and technologies therein is what
makes our business valuable to Krones. In order to preserve that value, we must preserve the
base and diversity that we’ve always enjoyed.

Please contact Joe Snyder or Mike Benedict with any questions regarding the joining of Process
and Data Automation with Krones, Inc.

We are excited about our new venture and look forward to continuing to serve you our valued

Best Regards,

Joseph W. Snyder      Michael J. Benedict
President                     Vice President

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PDA is Now Ignition 7.9 CORE Certified

Process and Data Automation is proud to announce we have recently been Ignition 7.9 CORE Certified. Ignition by Inductive Automation is the industry’s only server-centric industrial automation software platform with unlimited licensing, built for connecting industrial devices, databases, and business data together in one central location. Now, with the new Ignition version 7.9, they’ve made it easier than ever to get, see, maintain, and manage Ignition systems across our entire enterprise.

The Ignition Core Certification test covers the basics of Ignition: architecture, real-time status and control, historical data logging, UDTs and templates, and alarming. It is designed to test your understanding and knowledge of Ignition.

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PDA Shares Their Perspective on Leveraging Capstone Design Projects to Enhance Their Business

Process and Data Automation (PDA) President, Joe Snyder, and Electrical Design Manager, James Carrucci, have contributed as authors in the June issue of American Journal of Engineering Education. The article’s focus is Capstone Projects and how to best get industrial companies like PDA to support them.

Below is the abstract from the Journal:


Capstone design projects have become commonplace among engineering and engineering technology programs.  These projects are valuable tools when assessing students, as they require students to work in teams, communicate effectively, and demonstrate technical competency.  The use of industrial sponsors enhances these projects by giving these projects more of a “real world” feel.  Most of the research into capstone design projects focus on student learning as well as the overall design process.  However, very little research has been performed from the perspective of the industrial sponsor.  In this paper, an industrial sponsor who has sponsored several large-scale capstone design projects presents their perspective on working with students on these projects.  These projects serve as training systems for their existing employees and clients and offer the sponsor the opportunity to evaluate the students as prospective future employees.

Click HERE to read the full article in the American Journal of Engineering Education.


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