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Congratulations, Mark Anthony Brewing!


Congratulations to Mark Anthony Brewing on its new 1.3 million-sq-ft state-of-the-art brewery and packaging facility in Columbia, South Carolina which was awarded the  Manufacturing Innovation Award from ProFood World.  PDA was proud to support them on the project via the customization of Krones’ LMS.

Below is an excerpt from the ProFood World article:

On-the-fly variety packing is unique, high-tech Krones provided the bottle filling lines running 50,000 bottles an hour, according to Krones Project Manager Dylan Hansen, and the variety pack line that includes different flavors of Mike’s Hard and Cayman Jack, for example.

“One of MAB’s growing products is beverages in glass bottles,” states Claudius Eichhorn, Krones AG  project manager. “We can make the single-flavor glass packs for the Mike’s Hard and Cayman Jack products,” he says. “At the same time on the same line, we can make variety packs, which are four different flavors in the same carton of Mike’s Hard.” The Krones line also integrates the variety packs into the line that makes the single flavors in non-returnable glass bottles.

The facility contains two Krones Varioline machines, which combine up to six machines into one to create cartons and six packs. “We have a work-in-progress depalletizer that separates the four flavors into certain streams, that then feeds to the Varioline to create various 24 packs,” Hansen explains.

Packs can be either single stream, single flavor for a Mike’s Hard or Cayman Jack’s six pack, or four flavors for a 24 pack, for example.

Read the full article here.

photo: MAB’s greenfield facility in Columbia, S.C., is the largest and most technologically advanced brewery built in the U.S. in the last 28 years. Courtesy of Mark Anthony Brewing via ProFood World.

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