Krones Compliance & Integrity



Today’s world is facing many global economic challenges

Companies wishing to survive and prosper in the international business environment have to think and act with efficacious efficiency. We as the market leader are committed to assuming responsibility and to seeing challenges as opportunities to be seized, enabling the requisite standards to be set.

Legally compliant, ethical and responsible action is an important and indispensable part of our entrepreneurial and social responsibilities: this is an exacting requirement for each and every one of us. But we aim to guarantee that our actions are at all times beyond reproach, correct and exemplary.

One element of this value-oriented corporate organisation is compliance, a term denoting the rule-observant behaviour of a company and its staff. This subsumes statutory laws and prohibitions and also values concepts and rules, which the company imposes upon itself. Compliance at Krones means prevention, detection and appropriate response. The Compliance Team provides advice and analyses and translates the relevant insights into new corporate action.

We are aiming to create a compliance-based culture in which no statutory regulations are infringed, processes and internal guidelines are observed, and risks are minimised. Violations of statute law, rules or the values we embrace will entail appropriate consequences. All behavioural rules are compiled in a Behavioural Code, valid for the entire group. It is designed to communicate respectful, fair and responsible behaviour.

Our entire actions are focused on justifying the trust placed in us by our clients and our business associates. This is essential if we are to ensure that our company continues to deserve the reputation of a trustworthy partner responsibly committed to moral and ethical values.

  • Click HERE to download the Krones Code of Conduct.
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Integrity Policy

The Krones Integrity system is a further module in our confidence-based corporate culture. The principle is simple: Employees and external parties who detect a breach in the Krones Group’s adherence to laws or regulations may submit a message in this internet portal. It is up to the individual to decide whether the message is sent anonymously or by specifying their name. The categories in which notification of incorrect conduct can be provided range from data security breaches and anti-competitive collusion to corruption, theft, or money laundering. The portal is primarily intended for reporting serious misconduct with regard to valid laws, standards, or corporate guidelines. Therefore, the person reporting these cases should only pass on any information if convinced that they are truly correct.

  • Click HERE to download the Reporting Channels-Rules of Procedure.
  • Click HERE to read and visit the Krones page on Integrity.