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Can filling, seaming equipment supporting flexible operations, safe practices

In a recent Beverage Industry article, Barry Fenske, technical sales of the filling division at Krones Inc., Franklin, Wis., explains how SKU proliferation has made flexibility within filler equipment a critical component. “This allows for running several product types on the same filler,” he says. “There are machines that can run carbonated or non-carbonated beverages, hot or cold fill all on one machine. With a filler/seamer bloc needing to be flexible, changeovers can be impacted, especially at the seamer when there is a lid diameter change.”

Jeremy Anderson, president of Process and Data Automation, a member of the KRONES Group, details how the company designs systems around IoT attributes.

“Our Connected Line is designed with IoT in mind for the beverage and liquid food sectors, which includes filling and seaming operations,” he says. “By enabling a bridge between intelligent devices on the plant floor through to the cloud, Krones is paving a path where previously hidden data is exposed and analyzed by the client and Krones alike. This concept enables our artificial intelligence solutions ― Linatronic AI and Contiloop AI ― and Digital Support Services as part of the Krones Ecosystem.”

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