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We’re Not Your Average DSG Team!

Process and Data Automation’s (PDA) Digitalization Group (DSG) is not your average software integration group. PDA places a lot of emphasis on training for the benefit of our customers and as such, makes sure that members of the DSG group are certified as ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialists and have obtained Cisco Routing and Switching Certification among other industry certifications.

ISA has developed the ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Certificate program to increase knowledge and awareness of the ISA/IEC 62442 standards. The first certificate in the program is the ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialist.  The specialist certificate program is designed for professionals involved in IT and control system security roles that need to develop a command of industrial cybersecurity terminology and understanding of the material embedded in the ISA/IEC 62443 standards. The ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity certificates are awarded to those who successfully complete a designated training course and pass the exam.

“As Cybersecurity becomes a focus in the industry, we wanted to add more credibility to our networking team. Having the ISA perspective allows our customers to see that we have dedicated and direct experience with industrial networking and industrial cybersecurity”, PDA Data Services Manager, Scott McCausland shared.

Earning a Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification is one of the best ways for PDA employees to provide our clients with expert networking. Cisco pioneered routing and switching technologies—and continues to lead the way, with the greatest market share and largest installed base across many industries. The overwhelming majority of today’s Internet traffic travels over network pathways built with Cisco infrastructure products. Equally important is the fact that certification keeps our DSG group current with all of today’s technology.

PDA is proud to have a world-class DSG group that is always on the forefront of the latest technologies. Our customers can be assured that our team is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable in the field.

PDA is a full-service, CSIA Certified industrial control systems integration firm. Our Controls Engineering group specializes in physical automation system design, programming, and commissioning. We also feature a dedicated Data Services Group (DSG) that connects automated equipment and systems to the business system environment including protected recipe systems, data collection and reporting, and data historian implementation. DSG can provide the systems you need to set your systems up for proper operation and then provide the tools you need to make sure you execute as planned.

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