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PDA is successfully CSIA certified again!
Process and Data Automation is proud to announce that we’ve received our third CSIA certification, a special distinction, following an intensive independent audit that assessed our performance against customer-centric criteria in a wide range of business, project management, and system development areas.

CSIA is a worldwide organization who helps members improve their skills and promotes best practices for business management. The Control System Integrators Association’s Mission is “to advance the business practices of control system integration.” Founded in 1994, CSIA is a nonprofit, global professional as­sociation with more than 400 member firms in 27 countries.

Joe Snyder, PDA President happily stated, “This result is a testament to the commitment we have to working in the challenging field that we do and, despite all of those challenges, manage to make happy clients, happy staff, and a successful business existence!”

What Does a CSIA certification mean to you, the customer?

PDA Adheres to Best Practices and Benchmarks

As a CSIA CERTIFIED member PDA adheres to best practices in all aspects of business. This means we have in place the processes and procedures that foster honest contracts and fair risk allocation, proper billing, project management, and customer service that is measured.

PDA Has Resources

As a CSIA CERTIFIED member PDA has demonstrated a volume of business with engineering content that assures the availability of ad­equate resources to take on the demands of your automation projects.

PDA Has Experience

As a CSIA CERTIFIED member PDA has a number of years of project experience to qual­ify as members, assuring that your project isn’t some novice’s training ground.

PDA Has Dedicated Technologists

As a CSIA CERTIFIED member PDA meets the challenges of rapidly changing technology with proven technical management processes. This means you get the best, most current, technical expertise available.

PDA Has Successful Business Ownership

As a CSIA CERTIFIED member PDA has shown a record of profit­able business operation, protecting you from integrators who may not be around to finish or support your project. We also have in place adequate liability insurance and proper business practices for activities such as HR, accounting, and general management.

PDA Is Learning Oriented

Through our own internal, audited, quality improvement programs, PDA has demonstrated a commitment to advancing our businesses with better processes and new techniques, particularly in the areas of project management and business management.

PDA is Stable

With HR practices geared toward retaining top talent and business prac­tices dedicated to assuring long-term survival, PDA provides you with the consistency and stability you need for a project.

Process and Data Automation has established many long-term relationships over the years with clients in multiple industries that require and rely on automation and data systems to aid in the success of their businesses. Having the CSIA Certification solidifies the already existing and practiced procedures for project success. New clients can rest as­sured that their projects are being executed by a strong, stable organiza­tion with an independently verified track record for success.

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