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Network Assessment: Line Specific

You are constantly dealing with:

  • Demand for equipment connectivity
  • Obsolete and aged equipment
  • Disconnected equipment
  • ISA-95 Model standards
  • The necessity for smart manufacturing

You need a solution that offers:

  • Outputs like; status quo network scan, full inventory documentation, traffic scan summaries. and recommendations.
  • In-plant, physical tracing of port-to-port connections including; attaching testing equipment (toning), detailed assessment of all connections, disconnect logging (switch log evaluations), and diagrammed breakdown of origin and destination ports.
  • Detailed security of device configurations like; are best-practice configurations used, strong passwords implemented, appropriate firewall configurations, are unused ports disabled, and more…


  • Software/Asset Review
  • Management
  • Processes/Performance
  • Recommendations

Benefits of a line-specific network assessment:

  • Having a full inventory of all key assets
  • Understanding of how network equipment connects to each other
  • Knowledge of network software running
  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • A game plan for resolutions and configuration changes

In today’s marketplace, manufacturers are continually challenged to do more with their existing assets. The PDA team specializes in assisting our partners in meeting this challenge. Whether it is repurposing existing equipment for a new product, increasing throughput, or adding functionality.

Let’s solve the challenge together!

Additional services available for your plant:

  • Digitalization
  • Automation Engineering
  • Plant Support Services
  • Electrical Design

Download our Network-Assessment Sheet HERE!

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