Electrical Design

Design and Fabrication of Electrical and Control Systems

Dedicated Professionals.  Expert Solutions.

Process and Data Automation provides turnkey design and fabrication of electrical and control systems. Designs, manufacturing oversight, and pre-ship testing are handled by our dedicated Design team: this is work they do each and every day!  From simple, individual drawing updates through comprehensive documentation packages for projects with dozens of unique enclosures we can provide the solution for you.

Customer-focused design packages

Our team has experience working with a large number of client and regulatory standards.  We have developed broad internal standards that we can use in lieu of a client-supplied specification.  Our standards include detailed Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) documentation for every enclosure we provide.  This ensures that your panels arrive at your site in a true “ready for installation” condition.

Electrical Specifications & Bid Package Development

Expert solutions + expert installation = effective solutions for you!

Process and Data Automation can provide comprehensive packages and oversight to ensure that your equipment and systems are installed correctly.

Services include:

  • Develop system I/O lists
  • Power, control, junction box, and communication enclosure design
  • Conduit schedule development
  • Point to point connection documentation
  • Development of comprehensive submittal packages
  • Installation vendor solicitation
  • Vendor walkthrough/pre-quote meetings
  • Vendor selection
  • Project kickoff and ongoing project support meetings
  • Installation verification, acceptance testing, and final signoff


Process and Data Automation provides turnkey design and fabrication of electrical and control systems.

Group Features:

  • Design for UL 508A Industrial Control Panels, UL 698A Hazardous Locations, NFPA 70 and NFPA70E
  • Utilize a Design Acceptance Test prior to customer review and panel assembly
  • Enclosure assemblies built in UL certified facilities
  • Each assembly will pass a factory acceptance test for quality control prior to shipment
  • When applicable, additional power-up testing will be completed for further testing which may include
    • PLC input and output point testing
    • HMI testing
    • Network
    • Safety or Emergency stop circuit testing
  • Using the latest revisions of AutoCAD LT software for schematic design across 8 design stations
  • Review customer needs concerning panel size restrictions, extra space capacity, and safety circuit requirements
  • Deliver completed electrical schematics in DWG/DXF and PDF formats

Experience With: 

  • MCC Specifications, follow-up drawing, and modifications
  • 3-phase disconnect enclosure assemblies (480V/240V)
    • Floor standing 1-6 door combinations
    • Modular enclosures with multi-sectional designs to separate voltages or temperature requirements
  • 1-phase 120V and 24VDC control enclosures
  • Temperature control with Heaters, Air Conditioning units or Pneumatic controls
  • Marshalling panels and junction boxes
  • Operator interface terminals enclosure flush mount, pedestal, or swing arm
  • Network panel design and focus on inter-cable routing for noise reduction
  • Panels for machine control, work cells, entire lines, and full processing systems in any environment
  • Development of customer specific drawing standards


Control System Documentation

For All Clients:

Do you have accurate documentation for your systems or do you have a mix of paper and electronic that span multiple revisions over time?  Accurate system information helps you:

  • Ensure that your team can work safely around your controlled equipment
  • Troubleshoot more efficiently
  • Effectively manage change and future expansion

Process and Data Automation’s Design team can evaluate what you have, determine what is accurate and current, and compile all of the information into comprehensive, up-to-date system documentation packages.

For OEMs and Machine Builders: 
Do you have applications that require extensive documentation packages in timeframes that are difficult to deliver?  We have the staff and tools required to augment your team and ensure that your equipment ships with complete information. We can work with you as simple staff extension to develop AutoCAD sets from your annotated prints or provide turnkey design and drawing services.

Motor Control Solutions

Why update motor control solutions?

  • To support new equipment
  • To control new lines
  • To fix legacy equipment problems associated with vintage motor controllers
  • To bring your existing control solutions into safety compliance
  • To realize additional benefits of tighter control through updated components and/or communications
  • To reduce energy usage via application of up to date motor control technologies

Process and Data Automation can assist you with motor control projects of all sizes and complexity.
We provide solutions for:

  • Turnkey design documentation packages
  • Retrofit of existing stand-alone motor control panels
  • Upgrade portions of existing panels
  • VFD integration and/or migration
  • Design and fabrication of complete motor control panel(s) solutions
  • Design, fabrication oversight, factory checkout, and installation verification of complete MCC systems


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  • Bakery
  • Pet Food
  • Metals
  • Aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Refractory
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Snack Food
  • Plastics
  • Chemical
  • Paper
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  • Inks and Coatings
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