Process and Data Automation Share Their Perspective on Leveraging Capstone Design Projects to Enhance Their Business

Process and Data Automation (PDA) President, Joe Snyder, and Electrical Design Manager, James Carrucci, have contributed as authors in the June issue of American Journal of Engineering Education. The article’s focus is Capstone Projects and how to best get industrial companies like PDA to support them. Below is the abstract from the Journal:


Capstone design projects have become commonplace among engineering and engineering technology programs.  These projects are valuable tools when assessing students, as they require students to work in teams, communicate effectively, and demonstrate technical competency.  The use of industrial sponsors enhances these projects by giving these projects more of a “real world” feel.  Most of the research into capstone design projects focuses on student learning as well as the overall design process.  However, very little research has been performed from the perspective of the industrial sponsor.  In this paper, an industrial sponsor who has sponsored several large-scale capstone design projects presents their perspective on working with students on these projects.  These projects serve as training systems for their existing employees and clients and offer the sponsor the opportunity to evaluate the students as prospective future employees.

Click HERE to read the full article in the American Journal of Engineering Education.