No Support for You!

PDA is not the Soup Nazi but we can help if you are running software from the age of Seinfeld…

You’ve all heard it. The need to upgrade your servers, virtualize your systems and update operating systems.  April 8th 2014, was the last day that Microsoft supported Exchange Server 2003 – and don’t say that they (and everyone else) didn’t warn you. Did you procrastinate?

Additionally, Windows XP, SQL Server 2003 and Share Point 2.0 Services are no longer supported.  This means the end of security patches that keep your information secure (yep cybersecurity issues!) and an end to Microsoft fixing bugs that put important data at risk from file corruption and crashes. When something does go wrong, you’ll be forced to rely on the online community for support or worse yet not be able to solve the problem.

Staying on these outdated systems will affect a number of areas including your plant floor – yes that is right, these issues can, in fact, affect production.

Windows XP-based computers, machines and devices are installed EVERYWHERE in industry. They include PCs running important manufacturing, process or production applications on the plant floor, in control rooms and in engineering offices. They also include ruggedized PCs running PLC, DCS and they include a lightweight version of Windows XP that is in embedded components in thousands of devices that control many factory automation and process control operations.

Do you have a plan in place to make the necessary changes without any surprises in your budget? Let’s talk because we can help! PDA can meet with you for a free analysis of your unique plant to create a custom plan to help upgrade any necessary hardware or software. We will come in and learn your equipment and make a plan to fit your needs and budget.

If you are ready to start the upgrade process, give us a call and let us help, you may not have thought of us for IT fixes but when IT touches the plant floor – we are your #1 resource!