Workforce Training is a Priority at PDA

Process and Data Automation Continues Workforce Training Commitment – Customers also benefit from PDA’s in-house training seminars

Process and Data Automation believes ongoing technical training is essential for its workforce. This technical expertise allows PDA to offer clients the high-quality service on which they have come to rely.

As a long-standing custom, PDA staff members take advantage of numerous conferences, seminars and training courses throughout the country. The courses are as diverse as the industries PDA serves.PDA professional staff development has included over time:

  • International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers’ (IPSE) Washington Conference, with continuing coursework on Computerized Systems Compliance
  • Wonderware basic principles of ArchestrA and development/support for applications using the Wonderware Application Server
  • Rockwell Automation Tech Ed event in covering a variety of topics such as the design of high availability redundant data-collection systems, advanced
  • Ethernet system design, development of comprehensive cyber security schemes for a modern manufacturing plant, and administration of large-scale SCADA applications
  • SEW Eurodrive course on Motion Studio and Movidrive B platform
  • Iconics Advanced Genesis32
  • GE Software/Intellution multi-day product class
  • Schneider Unity software/M340 hardware class
  • Allen Bradley GuardLogix configuration class
  • Allen Bradley Structured Text and SFC using RSLogix 5000 course
  • Phoenix Contact Wireless systems design for 900MHz serial 802.11a/b/g applications, including technology selection, antenna optimization encryption and authentication
  • Arc Flash Safety and Procedures
  • Allen Bradley Motion Control using RSLogix 5000 course
  • Advanced PID Tuning from Controlsoft
  • Multiple internal business-support courses including Microsoft applications, HR compliance digital marketing and search engine optimization

Courses for Our Customers – Onsite Training at PDA
The PDA staff hosts and attends regular Lunch & Learn sessions at the company’s Erie, Pa., location in which vendors and instructors explain and demonstrate the latest controls related technologies. These fast-paced lunch-hour courses allow our team and our customers to stay ahead of the most current technologies and learn about industry trends. PDA’s onsite training facility offers comfortable seating for 20, wireless Internet access, whiteboards, projection capabilities, available power to 480VAC and a dedicated kitchen and service area.