Share2Act IIoT Platform

The Product

Networked production for highly efficient processes: Share2Act brings the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into the beverage and liquid food sector.

A Central Platform for Your Business!

Share2Act is THE integrated solution for your business. Specifically designed for the requirements of the beverage and liquid food industry, it is the central platform for applications in the production environment. It will help you improve the efficiency and quality of your production and reduce costs over the long term.

Share2Act is characterized by the following properties:

Share2Act is modular in design and can, therefore, be tailored exactly to the requirements of your production utilizing a range of services. The standardized services can be combined flexibly, which means you only get and pay for the functionality you actually need. However, additional services can be added at any time.

Share2Act puts the focus on the user and the individual requirements of their role in the company. That means every employee sees the exact information and functionalities that they need for their role-specific task.

As a cloud platform, Share2Act gives flexible access to data and services regardless of location. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model gives you low-cost access to software applications we have provided, enabling you to save considerable investment costs.

Share2Act creates the basis for AI (artificial intelligence) applications. It helps you collect, classify, and save the sufficient quantity of data that you need for data-driven decision-making. The step into the cloud allows you to get your business ready for future AI applications.

We draw on our enormous wealth of experience to develop the individual functionalities of the platform and the individual services. As a member of the Krones family, we offer comprehensive machine expertise and process know-how gained from many projects for the international beverage industry. We also work closely with specialists from research and development to establish a standardized, cloud-based industry platform and offering integrated industry solutions.

The machines are connected using the Edge Device ReadyKit (edge-to-cloud connectivity). This allows the data determined and processed by ReadyKit to be collected and saved in the cloud – from where it can be used for other applications as well. Share2Act creates the virtual workspace for this.


Future-Orientation: Collect production data continuously and in a structured form, creating the basis for your digital future.

Global-Use: Use Share2Act wherever and however you want: on different devices and from any location in the world.

User-Friendliness: Enjoy the benefits of a tool that is intuitive and simple to use. With just one central login, your staff gets access to all the applications in Share2Act that they need for their day-to-day work.

Low Acquisition Costs: Implement Share2Act quickly and with low investment costs. Additional services can be added as required at any time.

Virtual Workspace: Create a virtual workspace in which all the key tools and services that you need for the digitalization of your production environment come together.

Cross-Service Functions: Access cross-functional added value: The individual services complement each other. Because they merge seamlessly, what you get is a strong combination of improved functions.


Equipment Service

  • Digital representation of the production environment
  • Hierarchial mapping of all units – from the entire company to the individual machine component
  • Simple configuration thanks to a well-designed interface and intuitive drag & drop concept

User Management

  • Create & manage users
  • Assign permissions by user-defined roles (task & object-specific role)


  • Stable internet connection with high bandwidth
  • Installation in China and Russia dependent on prior technical inspection
  • End devices are not included in the scope of supply and must be provided by the customer
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in the latest browser version and modern hardware recommended

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