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Welcome to the new way of maintaining your plant!  Don’t email – Collaborate!

Operator Simplicity:

  • Instant access to relevant information – what you need, when you need it.
  • Immediate mobile collaboration.
  • Social media-like appearance and features – great for the evolving workforce!

Supervisor Transparency:

  • Improved communication and handovers among shifts, lines, and plants
  • Faster troubleshooting
  • Filtered information for user-groups – the info only you need!

Management Collaboration:

  • Foster sharing & use of best practices – like a virtual coach.
  • Channeled communication
  • Single platform for shop floor and management communication – everyone is looped in!

Digital collaboration and knowledge sharing

With Connect, you will always have an eye on all of your production resources: The central information and communication hub comprises all of the fundamental information of the production units (e.g. machines, lines, or even entire plants). Connect provides support over plant and country borders when working in teams. Assets such as text messages, pictures, videos, or files can be uploaded by the users and shared with colleagues. Thus, tasks and problems can be solved together, and a library of standard operating procedures (SOPs) can be created!

  • User-tailored information sharing platform
  • Facilitates the interaction of people, machines, and IT-Systems
  • Pictures, videos, and SOP’s help to understand and solve problems faster
  • Company-wide transfer of knowledge across production sites
  • Instant content access through QR codes
  • Integrates information of other services

Central Hub


  • Collection of information in a personal logbook (subscription of production units)
  • Display of information from other services
  • Generating of QR codes to connect machines and SOP’s



  • Creation of standard operating procedures library
  • Posting of text messages, pictures, videos, or files
  • Collaboration via the comments section

Don't Email - Collaborate!

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