Wonderware Upgrade Application Story

PDA upgraded two servers that were comprised of obsolete/insufficient hardware running outdated software versions of Wonderware System Platform, Wonderware InTouch, Wonderware Historian, and Wonderware Historian Client. Due to this existing configuration, there were limitations for full network communication of devices with varying software versions, and system expansion limitations due to hardware requirements being exceeded. If one or both servers were to fail, the client did not have precautions set-up for system back-up.

The path that Process and Data Automation recommended was to upgrade the server hardware to meet/exceed the requirements of the software in use. This would aid in preventing potential server failures and communication losses, and add the needed resources to properly execute Wonderware and other peripheral software. The existing server hardware was running at or below the minimal requirements of the software. Additionally, PDA provided assistance in upgrading the Wonderware ArchestrA Development node for the development server, and the Historian for the reporting server. This included a cold backup of each server to be located on the opposing server.


86 employee manufacturing location of more than 17,500 employees in North America at approximately 100 production sites.


• HP Servers
• RAID 1 configuration
• Hot-swappable hard drives
• Cisco 24 port network switch
• APC Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
with Network Management
• Server KVM (IT personnel interface to server)

• Wonderware System Platform and ArchestrA
• Wonderware Historian
• Microsoft server operating system
• Hyper-V server manager

• Frontend design to consider security concerns
• Working with client’s IT department
• Server design of hardware configuration and requirements
• Server Hardware Configuration
• Server Software Installations/Configurations
• Wonderware Software upgrades
• Wonderware Historian
• ArchestrA Development
• Microsoft Server
• Hyper-V
• System testing to validate software installations and
process functionality
• Documentation of flow diagrams and server configuration