Server - Client Configuration and Virtualization


Many companies have processes that are centralized around a server. The server is responsible for many functions that are essential to your day-to-day operations so it is essential that the hardware is robust and reliable and properly architected to meet the requirements of the software. 


The clients come in many shapes and forms and are typically found on the factory floor in the midst of the process. Factory floor environments can be particularly harsh on electronic equipment.


Process solutions can require multiple applications which need to be run on separate server platforms.  We can implement virtualization in order to minimize the hardware footprint required for a multi-application solution.  Virtualization also allows for more effective strategies regarding redundancy and high availability.  Less time configuring hardware after a server collapses means quicker uptime for your manufacturing process to continue. 


Knowing this, are your server and client hardware systems set up for success? Are the configurations optimized for industrial environments and systems?  Are back-ups in place? In the event of failure can these systems be quickly resurrected? 

Process and Data Automation routinely deploy systems that are server-client based.

We specify, configure, and deliver reliability!

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