Industrial Controls Automation Services

Truly Full Service

Process and Data Automation is a full service industrial control systems integration firm.  As our name implies we handle all facets of industrial automation: from the turnkey automation of physical equipment and processes to the connection of plant floor equipment to your business systems.

How do we accomplish this?
We have separate, dedicated teams that focus on one specific discipline each:

  • (ENG) Automation projects are executed by EEs, EETs, ECETs, MEs, and Electrical Technicians.
  • (DSG) Data projects are executed by MIS, CompSci, Computer Engineers, and related disciplines.
  • Design efforts are executed by EEs, ECETs, Electrical Technicians, and Engineering Interns.

Does this specialization matter?

We think so!
People and companies deal with specialists in all walks of life.  Why?  While many trained experts can achieve results eventually the best route to success is usually by people or teams who do specific work each and every day.