With SitePilot BOTEC F1 (Batch Operating Technology), nothing is left to chance in beverage production. This process control system monitors and controls every stage in batch production – and therefore makes it one hundred percent reproducible. Under these conditions, it is not only possible to produce products of consistently high quality but to use equipment, raw materials, and energy far more efficiently. BOTEC even has a positive impact on the results of manual or semi-automatic processes as well: Its process-driven menu navigation provides the production personnel with support for example with the receiving and weighing of raw materials, thereby effectively preventing errors.

The BOTEC F1 process control system automates complex production workflows and drives the performance of your production to a higher level.

Would you like to simplify your production in order to meet your high-quality standards? Do you want your employees – whatever their level of experience and knowledge – to enjoy the very best support for the remaining manual operations as well? And all while keeping the efficient use of equipment, raw materials and energy at the top of your priority list? Then BOTEC F1 is the right choice.

Video Series

Video 1 covers an overview of BOTEC F1 which is a process control system for fully automated control and monitoring of batch processes. The basic configuration can be used for:

  • Planning, controlling, monitoring, documenting and analyzing production processes
  • Creating and managing recipes
  • Planning, managing and processing orders
  • Complete tracing of product batches with the tracking and tracing function (optional)
  • Exchange of information between the production and planning level via ERP interface (optional)

Video 1 also defines the (3) modules within Botec F1:

  • BOTEC Control
  • BOTEC Batch
  • BOTEC Visu


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Video 2 goes into greater detail about (2) of the modules BOTEC Batch and BOTEC Visu.  BOTEC Batch includes an explanation of:

  • System Configuration
  • Recipe Management
  • Order Management


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Video 3 provides a deeper overview of the reporting functionality as well as an explanation of enhancement modules that are available:

  • BOTEC Tracking & Tracing
  • BOTEC DynaRoute
  • BOTEC Video Mode
  • BOTEC IFace


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