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Data Collection

Collection of real plant data is a vital step in managing a modern manufacturing organization. Whether data is collected for use in internal monitoring and process improvement or if it's required by your customers, a link to floor equipment is a must. We provide solutions that give you accurate data from the same sources that dictate decisions within your process: from your production equipment. Since this collection can be done automatically, operators are not burdened to gather, input, and/or transcribe data to your repository. Information is available immediately so problems can be identified and corrected when a problem exists, not when it is realized after a full day of incorrect production. Typical activities in this project area include:

  • Automated collection of process data via direct interface to factory floor control equipment: single station or plant-wide.
  • Standard collection tools including HMI tools, Visual Basic, VBA, MS Access, and more. Storage to MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access or any ODBC compliant database.
  • Save and search records by operator, date, batch ID, customer ID, and more.
  • Retrieval systems that allow for supplemental entry fields connected to automatically collected information.
  • Network infrastructure development for plant-wide collection systems.

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